Saturday, October 17, 2015

Homeless in Sacramento

Homeless In Sacramento

Welcome to the Homeless in Sacramento Blog.


When you become homeless and have no where to go living out on the streets can be difficult.  Depending on where you are living out on the streets there can be more resources available to you such as shelters, food, clothing, etc.  But not everyone has access to these things on a regular basis.

If you are homeless in Downtown Sacramento you have some limited short term options for places to stay depending on your situation.  There are limited options for shelters in Downtown Sacramento.
Just a few of the known ones are Union Gospel Mission, Salvation Army, & Volunteers Of America that are all located near Loves & Fishes.  There are additional shelters in the area that offer services for different situations.  Some shelters such as Union Gospel Mission is currently a men's only shelter with a womens shelter in the works if they can get everything approved, Salvation Army, & Volunteers Of America have there own programs with a longer stay period however once your stay is over you have to find somewhere else to stay.

Union Gospel Mission offers a bed for 7 nights at a time for men however you need a valid TB card from Mercy Clinic located at Loaves & Fishes.  They also offer nightly worship service and dinner for those that attend.  everyone must sit through the worship services if they want to eat or have a bed.  Showers for men are offered every night regardless of if you have a bed or not.  select days they offer showers during the day along with haircuts, clothing closet for men and women on select days.

Salvation Army offers a bed for 30 days.....

Volunteers Of America offers a bed for 90 days at a time and 30 days out before you can return.  You need to be up by __am and can not return until _ pm every night.  Breakfast & dinner are served daily.

Loves & Fishes offers services Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Friendship Park (or Jurassic Park as some call it) at Loaves & Fishes offers a place for people to gather in one place.  Monday through Friday Friendship Park is open along with other services including basic medical services.................  Weekends and Holidays there is only lunch service available. 
They offer tents, sleeping bags, tarps, and what ever else they happen to have available based on what donations they have.  they also offer clothing exchange, laundry services, showers, haircut vouchers, etc but some things are limited to a set number of people and other things like laundry services are the luck of the draw.

As with all the shelters and resources they primarily survive on donations to keep going.  If you are interested in donating to any of these programs contact them directly to find out how you can help.  Some take cash donations, some take donations that are dropped off while others will pick up donations where you are.  Places such as Union Gospel Mission are always in need of blankets & sleeping bags that are handed out when they have them to those that need them.